From Greece, Probiotic Rich Olives With Live, Active Cultures.

Alive & Well olives come from small, family farms and village co-ops in Greece, who follow the same traditional agricultural methods used in the region for thousands of years. Some of the trees are over 1,000 years old. 

Our raw, heirloom olives are grown, harvested and cured to capture their delicious flavors while delivering naturally occurring probiotics and essential nutrients.

Perfect as a snack, in salads, appetizers or entrées, Alive & Well olives are rich in live, active cultures, with 3.6 million CFUs (colony forming units) and 55 million CFUs per jar.



The most flavorful Kalamata olive you've ever tasted. Toss them into pastas for a flavorful kick. Sourced from the Sellasia region of the Peloponnese. 

Organic Olives, Water, Sea Salt, Organic Wine Vinegar.   



A rounder, fleshier green olive. A great snack or the perfect finish to a gin martini. Grown and harvested on the island of Evia in the region of Rovies.

Organic Olives, Water, Sea Salt.  



A rounder, fleshier olive. A perfect addition to your fresh salads. Grown and harvested on the islands of Evia in the region of Rovies.

Organic Olives, Water, Sea Salt. 



A special variety cultivated on the Aegean shores of central Greece. Packed with rich, complex flavors influenced by the unique microclimate in which they are grown. 

Organic Olives, Water, Sea Salt, Organic Wine Vinegar.   



An oval, pale tree olive grown on the Chalkidiki peninsula in Greek Macedonia. Their unique taste is enhanced by the mineral-rich soil of the region.  

Organic Olives, Water, Sea Salt, Organic Wine Vinegar.   

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Both the olive aficionado and the novice will enjoy this Greek mix of Kalamata, Chalkidiki, Atalanti and Green varieties. The perfect addition to party platters! 

Organic Olive Mix (Green, Atalanti, Green Chalkidiki, Kalamata), Water, Sea Salt, Organic Wine Vinegar.   




When enjoying our Alive & Well olive varieties, we suggest taking the olives out of the fridge and letting them come to room temperature before serving. The olives are most flavorful at room temperature.

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Alive & Well PRESS


Experience the Authentic Flavor of the Mediterranean at Natural Products Expo West 2018

Sustainably sourced organic probiotic-rich olives showcase centuries of Greek tradition

Laconia, Greece – (January 16, 2018): Booth # F54 in Natural Products Expo West’s Fresh Ideas Tent on March 8th at the Anaheim Convention Center is the place to experience the rich, savory flavors of authentically crafted Alive & Well Probiotic-Rich Organic Olives. Produced by the expert team of Natural Products Industry Pioneers at Legacy III Partners, the distinctly pure taste of Alive & Well Olives highlights the company’s singular dedication to offer delicious food that is sustainably sourced. Grown, harvested and cured on small family farms and village co-ops throughout Greece, each batch of Alive & Well Olives is naturally fermented to preserve superior taste and live, active cultures, which are similar to those found in naturally cultured yogurt, cheese and sauerkraut.

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These are some of the best olives I have ever tasted. This product is a HIT!
— Phil Lempert - Phil's Food Reviews

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