Snacks & Appetizers

We have found the following foods make for tasty pairings:

  • Fresh cucumber and carrot slices (any fresh veggie will pair nicely)
  • Hummus and other bean dips
  • Fresh addition to your cheese plates

The olives are delightful dressed with a little extra virgin olive oil. You can get even more creative and add some fresh or dried herbs or a little lemon or orange zest or spice, like coriander or red pepper, when you serve them.


Along with eating on their own, salads are the next go-to option for olives. You can put olives in most any salad you’d wish to create. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Greek Salad: Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper or sweet peppers, onion, feta and dressed with olive oil, real wine vinegar and oregano
  • Tomato Salad: Tomato, garlic, basil dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Potato Salad: Potato, onion, garlic, parsley and red pepper, dressed with olive oil and a little real wine vinegar
  • Tabouleh Salad: Tomato, parsley, onion, garlic, spices and dressed with olive oil and real wine vinegar
  • Other ideas: Toss our olives into couscous, wheat berries, quinoa, or other grains for a flavorful dish

Cooking with Alive & Well

Our olives can also be used in cooking. In every case, pouring in some of the mother brine along with the olives is highly recommended. Some of our favorite ways to cook with olives include:


  • When the pasta is hot, throw in a handful of olives after you’ve added your choice of sauce
  • Veggie Dishes
  • Mushroom dishes (stuffed mushrooms, sautéed mushrooms)
  • Caponata (great with eggplant, zucchini, peppers)
  • Roasts & stewed meats
  • Add them to the pot with roasts and stewed meats toward the end of cooking to preserve the most flavor

Rice & Grain Dishes:
Throw our olives in the pot towards the end of cooking. It’s an easy way to give some beautiful flavoring finish to your dish.

  • Baking
  • Delicious in a savory bread or atop pizza
  • Soups, legumes, veggies - Add in olives during the last 15 minutes of cooking.

Here’s a handful of other recipes where we love to use Alive & Well olives:

Olly’s Insane Dirty Vodka Martini via Goop

Pasta alla Boscaiola (Mushroom, Olives and Sausage Pasta) via Food52

Brown Rice Pasta with Tuna, Olives and Fried Capers via SELF Magazine

Greek Chicken Stew with Cauliflower and Olives via NYTimes Cooking

Hot Niçoise Salad via Food & Wine

How To Use The Mother Brine

Our Alive & Well mother brine is full of flavor and probiotics. It is the original liquid in which our olives ferment over many months.

A go-to ingredient in the kitchen, it makes a tasty addition to dressings, marinades and sauces. The brine will add salt and acid to whatever you are making so just make sure to add it before you add salt or lemon/vinegar to your dish and then continue to spice to your taste. And don’t forget to add a few olives, too.

Some ways we enjoy using our mother brine: 


  • Olive oil, mother brine and dried oregano over a tomato salad
  • Olive oil, mother brine, mustard, and fresh herbs for potato salad
  • Olive oil, mother brine, and lemon which is great on lettuce and tuna salad
  • Olive oil, mother brine, lemon, mustard, and a little honey for a fresh cabbage salad


  • Mother brine, paprika and dried herbs for poultry marinade
  • Mother brine, lemon for fish marinade
  • Mother brine, yogurt, herbs


  • Puttanesca Sauce: adding olive brine to your tomato sauce, along with some olives
  • Anchovy Sauce: with lots of garlic, red pepper, olive oil, parsley, mother brine
  • Mushroom Sauce: butter, garlic, mother brine, fresh herbs, lemon/vinegar or wine


  • Bloody Mary
  • Martini